Your trade fair and exhibition consultant

It’s easy to exhibit and do as you usually do, or what everyone else does. At One Vision, however, we believe in challenging the status quo, and going one step further. We have 25 years of experience in the trade fair industry, and therefore know that exhibitions can and should be an integral part of marketing that creates a strategic ace up your sleeve.

At One Vision, we do not just build trade fair stands
- we are with you all the way, from start to finish

Much of the success of a trade fair comes from the work that lies before the trade fair even starts. We put a virtue into prepare you well and ensuring that your trade fair participation is a success, regardless of your ambitions. With our help, you can benefit from our know-how and resources, thereby taking all the worries out of your planning.

We can help you make sure to avoid all pitfalls, and to take advantage of all the opportunities a trade fair participation can bring. Our many years of experience enable us to make your ambitions a reality.

This is how we can help you

Should we make your next show a success?

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