The physical exhibition

It is always said that the first-hand impression affects the rest of the conversation and this also applies when exhibiting at trade fairs. Your visual presentation is usually the first thing your guests see, before they even talk to you. For this reason, it is important that the exhibition shows the best version of you, in a way that stands out from all the others at the fair.

One place for your perfect exhibition stand

At One Vision, we take pride in creating a unique exhibition solution that suits you and your company as well as your branding strategy. No task is too small, and no challenge too big – our many years of experience means that we can create solid solutions that ensure the right exposure when you go to an exhibition.

From idea to reality

To ensure that the finished product accommodate your wishes and ambitions, we start the process off by clarifying your needs and making a project plan. The next step is to develop and design the concept, thereby ensuring that the stand meets your objectives.

Once we have put the idea into words together, we create a visual presentation of the design and a 3D model of the stand we are building for you. We always ensure that you fully agree with the concept before we move on with the project. After the design has been approved, we have in-house production of materials that ensure that your ideas are brought to life in full. We take care of the transport of the materials to the fair, and have builders who ensure a professional and competent construction of the stand.

With our sustainable approach to our work, we strive to recycle as many of our materials as possible. That is why we offer to store your exhibition stand materials, so that we save the environment from unnecessary waste and repeated production processes. Then they are ready for your next exhibition, where we can once again create a captivating and unique stand.

The One Vision Pipeline

Do you want to know how we can give your trade fair concept new life?

Do you have an exhibition opportunity or concept in mind? Contact us for a non-binding talk on how we can make your ideas a reality.