Scrouples – New Nordic 2019




Scrouples have Danish blood in their veins, and it has lasted for generations. Scrouples is a Danish jewelery house, founded 35 years ago by Esther and Anders Møller. Today is the second generation, Lene Høffner and Claus Møller, who lead the company. Their concept is based on a high level of service with sound business values. Today, Scrouples is one of the major suppliers of jewelery and gemstones to the Danish goldsmiths.

The jewelery company Scrouples balances the art between high ceilings in relation to the unique Nordic design, as well as the wide selection that allows to invest in solid jewelery quality for any event. Just the big event as well as the smaller mark in life. They have jewelry in all price ranges for every age and every taste. Both classic and modern – quality jewelery designed in Denmark by Scrouples.

Scrouples are our true companion in our industry, and we are proud to be able to help create a unique concept that takes new heights to their booths every time.
This year, the concept has been captured by “endless summer” – a concept that offered warm shades that created a calm, yet stylish concept that shines all the way through, symbolizing Scrouples’ values.
Not only with the elaborate graphics for the walls, this year did Scrouples make sure their customers received the high service that Scrouples always provides and weights high in their business, in the form of a coffee bar with a live barista and afternoon service with a gin and tonic . The whole concept was completed to the last detail and took the whole fair by storm.
Dear Scrouples – you are always a pleasure to work with and we look forward to many more years together where the heights are unlimited.