Scrouples – 2017




Scrouples is Danish through and through, and it has been for generations. Scrouples is a jewelryhouse, founded 35 years ago by Esther and Anders Møller. Today, the second generation, Lene Høffner and Claus Møller, are leading the company.
Their concept is based on a high level of service with sound business values. Scrouples is today one of the major suppliers of jewelry and precious stones for the Danish jewelers.

The jewelry company balances the art having room for differences in relation to the unique Nordic design, as well as a wide product range that allows for investing in solid quality for any event. Both the very big event, as well as the lesser marks in life.
They have jewelry in all price ranges of all ages and every taste. Both classic and modern – quality jewelry designed in Denmark by Scrouples.

Scrouples has been with us almost since start of One Vision. We have been their regular supplier of trade shows for them ever since 2002, and we have this year taken their trade fair design to a higher level when they exhibited at the brand new fair New Nordic
in the Bella Center in August.

The combination of wood slats, which was a carrying and continuous element, created a calm atmosphere, with a touch of rustic wood flooring, designer furniture from HAY, living plants and pictures of beautiful girls with the amazing jewelry.
With Scrouples’ pink thread, we jointly created a concept that says everything about Scrouples: clean lines, Scandinavian, warm and unique.

Scrouples is a company we pride ourselves on being able to serve on a high level and we look forward to many more years in the trade fair together with them.