Roche – 2017




Roche was one of the first companies to bring targeted treatments to patients. With our combined strength in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, we are better equipped than any other company to further personal care. Two thirds of our research and development projects are developed with companion diagnostics. They are the world’s number one in biotech with 17 biopharmaceutical products on the market. Over half of the connections in their product pipeline are biopharmaceuticals that enable them to deliver better targeted therapies.

Roche is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And we worked for the American Department, which visited the exhibition center at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. Each and every square meter of the mess stand had an interpretation of who Roche is and what Roche stands for. Their vision of the trade show was that we came up with a design that focused on their products / product areas, but also a breakdown of how their customer flow would work on the trade show. The color combinations, the graphic expression, the portal and the lounge area gave a unique and beautiful stand that went up into one unit, which took the Bella Center and all exhibitors by storm.

We are proud to have Roche as part of the One Vision family and look forward to a future collaboration.