Nopa Nordic – 2019




Nopa Nordic is the largest and leading manufacturer of detergents, cleaning products, detergents and personal care in the Nordic countries.

They were pioneers in ecolabelled products and today are experts in environmentally friendly products and production. Nopa Nordic was founded by Niels Thostrup in 1964 and is still owned by the family. Today, the company has a hired management team and a professional board of directors, which help ensure a clear focus on long-term development, continued continuity and high stability.

The company’s factories are located in Denmark and the company is part of the Nopa Nordic family, which also includes subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany as well as Allison A / S, whose strong environmental and ecological profile is a perfect match for Nopa Nordic A / S unique expertise in the areas of sustainability and eco-labeling.

Nopa Nordic, is still one of our oldest and faithful family members of One Vision. We take pride in building Nopa Nordic’s booth every year. This year, we hosted the PLMA fair, with both Nopa Nordic and Allison A / S exhibiting together, on a larger stand area than they usually do, which means that Nopa Nordic’s well-known Utzon portal was expanded and retold as a red thread for Allison A / S. The entire concept and radiance from Nopa Nordic and Allison A / S products, creates an environment and a narrative about their extensive and strong environmental and ecological profile they have in their large and wide range.

We are proud suppliers to the Nopa Nordic family and we look forward to several years, with even more exciting projects and developments together.