Gumlink – ISM 2019




Gumlink Confectionery Company offers the widest range of chewing gum, but also offers mint pastilles and sweets that appeals well to an even wider audience.

Over the course of a century, Gumlink has transformed from a one-man business into one of Europe’s leading gum companies known previously as DANDY, and its famous brands such as Stimorol, V6 and Dirol, which were sold to Cadbury Schweppes in 2002. With that sale, Gumlink became the brand, the way to private label. Since then, they have used their passion and expertise to create successful products for others. Gumlink not only sells products – they build partnerships and inspire! They use their active application of knowledge, experience and know-how to create exactly your product.

Gumlink came to us in 2016 and has been a fixture in our little family since then. When Gumlink is going on exhibitions, the quality and history of Gumlink must create the common thread in their design.

Along with Gumlink, we have created a concept that is characterized by the white neutral colors that symbolize Gumlink’s product, the essence of the chewing gum. This allows space for their products and make it appear and presented in the best possible way. Gumlink can use their products to make the perfect pallet for the big canvas.
We are proud supplier of Gumlink’s exhibition stands, and we look forward to continued fantastic collaboration with some fantastic people.