Digital fairs and conferences

At a time when the “normal business” is under pressure and the dialogue with customers has become a little more complex, it is important to find alternative solutions. Solutions where customer contact, product presentations, etc. continue to stand strong towards the customer and in a common thread with your brand and marketing strategy.

The technology for digital trade shows and conferences has really been available for a long time. But with COVID-19, several industries have experienced great advances in the use of digital solutions and created a transition to online communication.

Meet your customers - digitally

At One Vision, we believe that digital trade fairs and conferences will be a larger part of the agenda in the future – both as a stand-alone solution for e.g. presentation of new products or as a supplement to physical trade fairs and conferences. However, we also know that this can be a challenge to bring to life on your own – and this is where One Vision comes into the picture.

By combining the visual effect of a physical exhibition stand with advanced video equipment, your customer meetings and products can be presented in a professional way. In other words, One Vision can help you and your company get your message out to your customers – and even longer and more effectively than at physical meetings.

Do want our help to realize your ambitions?

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