Danbred – Eurotier 2018




Danbred is a world-class breeding system and has been for over 100 years and has worked targeted and focused on selecting and breeding on the right pigs. It has given them first place in relation to their competitors. Pig breeding system Danbred has existed since the end of the 19th century as DanAvl, but did not begin until the end of the 20th century, when it was seriously met by the Danish pig producers.

Danbred, is one of our newest members of our small family in One Vision. We work with a fantastic team, from Danbred who makes our cooperation effective with high standards.

In collaboration with Danbred we have developed an exciting exhibition stand concept that goes in the opposite direction of what their industry might normaly do. But the colors that symbolize Danbred and the wooden structure that is incorporated, gives a warm welcome without equal and draws attention from near and far when Danbred exhibits with their concept solution around the world.

We are proud followers of Danbred and their continued exciting journey they have in taking their exhibition stands to new levels in their industry.